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Dealing with a Business?


Our Wilmette litigation attorneys can help!


In our experience, we know that companies are in the business of making money. But often, conflicts arise when one company doesn’t cooperate with another company. At Canning & Canning LLC, we know that not everyone may have your best interests in mind. As a business owner we know that you want to focus on running your business but if the need to litigate arises, Canning & Canning LLC will be there to represent you.

Canning & Canning can handle cases involving:

  • Breach of contracts
  • Injunctions
  • Business disputes
  • Employment litigation

Business litigation require lawyers who have the knowledge and training to aggressively pursue your case. We at Canning & Canning, LLC have more than 50 years of combined legal experience, which we use to your advantage.

We’re on Your Side


As a business owner, you may sue an employee for violating a written contract that he or she signed. Or, if you sustained an injury due to another individual’s negligence, you’re entitled to seek compensation. More often than not, you may choose to fight your case on your own. Yet, that may not always work out in your favor. At Canning & Canning, we can make certain your rights and interests are protected.

During your initial consultation, we will carefully review your case and listen to your needs to determine how to resolve your dispute fairly and economically. From there, we gather evidence and collect the necessary reports to strengthen your case. Contact our office to set up your initial consultation today!

Having helped clients in Chicago’s North Shore area, including Evanston, Winnetka, Lake Forest, Highland Park, Cook County, and Lake County, you can be sure we’re on your side.