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Commercial Loan Assistance for Borrowers & Lenders


Wilmette Lawyers with Over 50 Years of Experience


When your business needs to raise money, commercial loans may be your answer. Commercial loans provide business owners with the funds to continue or expand their companies. However, borrowing a loan from a lending institution is not easy. In today’s financial market, commercial loans have become increasingly complicated. More often than not, you may find the legalese of the loan documents difficult to understand or the requests of the lenders onerous.

Borrowers who fail to understand the fine print of commercial loan contracts also put themselves at risk of disputes with lenders. We recommend contacting our commercial lending attorneys from Canning & Canning, LLC for experienced guidance. Our team can walk you through the borrowing process and explain the loan documents difficult language so you’re aware of all expectations and your rights. We are available to assist individuals in Chicago or the surrounding suburbs, especially the North Shore, including Evanston, Winnetka, Lake Forest, Highland Park, Cook County, or Lake County.

Protecting Commercial Lenders


As commercial lending attorneys, we represent lenders, property owners, developers and operators in a variety of financial matters, including structuring and negotiating senior and subordinated debt, asset and real estate based facilities and working capital facilities and construction finance projects. We negotiate, structure and execute all types of commercial lending arrangements. We understand the how to protect lender’s interest. As commercial lending lawyers, we have the sophistication to help resolve any problems with concerning loans.

Starting a business can be an exciting, yet stressful experience. You’ve finally decided to commit to an idea, but you want to make sure you’re taking the appropriate steps toward success. The decisions you make in the early stages of your business can determine whether your venture prospers or fails. One of the first choices you must make is in the type of business entity to establish.

Types of business entities include:

  • Sole proprietorships
  • Partnerships
  • Corporations
  • Limited liability companies

Let Us Help You


A sole proprietorship is when you own and run your business yourself, whereas a partnership divides the responsibilities and decision-making between all the partners. Corporations and limited liability companies may involve a group of people, but are recognized as a single individual. Each entity has its advantages and disadvantages, which our lawyers at Canning & Canning, LLC can explain to you. As business attorneys, we listen to your business goals and needs so we can determine the right entity for your business. We are also business owners ourselves, so we can offer well-rounded legal insight for your businesses. We not only help a new venture establish a strong base, but work to develop an on-going relationship that will serve the company’s legal needs through all stages of growth.

Call our law firm to discuss your commercial lending issue. We are always available for a consultations!