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Need Help With Estate Planning?


You have worked hard to provide and protect your family over the years, but who will provide for them when you are longer capable of doing so? At Canning & Canning, LLC, we believe that comprehensive estate planning is the most effective way of preserving your estate and providing for your loved ones when you pass away. We are not only knowledge of the laws and practical aspects of estate planning, probate, and trust administration, but we also have up to date knowledge of the laws governing business organizations, real estate, personal property, and taxes. With our experience in these areas, we are able to provide practical planning advice from a comprehensive, multifaceted perspective.

Our Wilmette estate planning attorneys can carefully assess your needs and determine an effective estate planning strategy that will meet your needs, including determining if you can benefit from a will or living trust so that you can feel confident about the future. Detailed estate planning with a knowledgeable lawyer can even help prevent your estate from falling into probate, which can be costly and lengthy.

Besides determining how your estate will be divided, estate planning can also ensure your wishes are carried out regarding the following:

  • Naming beneficiaries
  • Property ownership holdings
  • Powers of attorney
  • End-of-life planning
  • Funeral arrangements
  • Future medical care
  • Instructions for charity and gift donations

Addressing Wealth Succession in the Estate Planning Process


Are you worried about the future of your company or assets, especially how to properly pass it on to your future generations? Our firm can help you include wealth succession into your solid estate plan. You can determine when your loved ones-including children and grandchildren-can inherit your wealth, place controls and restrictions, or even grant gradual access. With our help, your wealth can seamlessly transition to your inheritors.

Get Answers from Our Wilmette Estate Planning Attorney


There are many aspects to consider when creating an estate plan. Each plan needs to be customized to fit the assets, needs, and goals of the individuals involved. We can help you create and implement an estate plan that works for you and your family. We understand that many questions and concerns can arise during the process of estate planning.

For the client-focused and trustworthy estate planning services you need in Wilmette, IL, contact Canning & Canning as soon as possible.

Let us help you safeguard your future. We offer effective guidance at competitive rates